A Vision for Cross-Border E-Commerce in ASEAN

The US-ASEAN Business Council and its member companies, UPS, Google, Visa and Amazon, together with KPMG commissioned a study which envisions an integrated ASEAN market for e-commerce. We hope to inspire stakeholders in ASEAN to be bold and act quickly to build creative solutions that can help bring ASEAN closer to being a single market for seamless cross-border e-commerce


About the Report

Titled “A Vision for Cross-Border E-Commerce in ASEAN” - this report was presented to the ASEAN Economic Ministers in August 2020, proposing 12 practical and impactful initiatives to help ASEAN further develop e-commerce and advance the vision of a single market. A range of stakeholders within the regional e-commerce ecosystem were engaged in the development of this Report to identify the pain points, challenges and opportunities across the different segments of e-commerce value chains. They include online marketplaces, payment providers and financial institutions, logistics providers, technology solution players and e-commerce associations.

Various government agencies were also consulted to ensure the feasibility of the initiatives contained in the Report. The Report comes with a Vision Map which depicts how we – and the stakeholders we interviews – collectively see the future of cross-border e-commerce in ASEAN, and how we will get there.

The Report is expected to complement the existing work of the ASEAN Coordinating Committee on Electronic Commerce (ACCEC) and other relevant sectoral bodies in implementing the ASEAN E-Commerce Agreement and its Work Program. Many of the proposed initiatives can be implemented without the need for major policy and regulatory harmonization efforts and could be rolled out within a year or so.

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